A round-up of some of the highlights of my week!


Because Sunday mornings and breakfast are two of my favourite things, I made this egg and tomato sandwich for breakfast. The perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday morning.


Have finally exhausted my stash of African Star Apples but not before I turned a few of them into a flavoursome, boozy cocktail!


Shhhhh… I woke up to a familiar sound on the roof. It was snowing…again! It´s the weekend so we race to put our ski boots on, in a pathetic attempt to beat the queues at the slopes. My 7-year old wins the race. Ironic that not so long ago, my little girl was walking through snow for the first time, gingerly, unsure of the crunch beneath her little boots.


There´s nothing better than warming up to a steaming cup of aromatic South African Rooibos tea! Packed with loads of great anti-oxidants, and not a drop of caffeine. 

On that note, here´s wishing you a great week ahead!

Emem XO