1. New Years´s Day Leftover Jollof Rice – just because eating leftovers reduces the amount of food lost through wastage.



2. Desperately seeking street hawker with bananas and peanuts for a trip down memory lane over a bowl of Banana Nice Cream.


3. Navigating a street full of Kekes as they are called in Uyo, while trying not to hit any moving objects – cars, street peddlers et al.



4. Gorged myself full of Udara (Agbalumo) also called African Star Apple. I have plans for these fruits, which back home are only really ever eaten as a snack, which involve more than just sucking on the fruit. Just stay tuned!



5. We have had lots of snow this week. Paradoxically, that lone coconut on a barn door in snowy Zürich, looks just right. Made me think coconut and ice cocktails in front of a log fire, with hints of cinnamon and cloves, wafting through the air. Christmas may be over, but the winter just got here!


Have a great week!

Emem XO