In this post, I share the secret to making the most awesome hummus dip, from an Algerian recipe. This Algerian Hummus recipe delivers the most silky smooth and creamy hummus dip.

Place the chickpeas in a bowl and add cold water enough to completely cover the chickpeas. Leave to soak overnight

Drain the chickpeas, and then add to a saucepan. Cover with enough cold water and on high heat, bring to boil. Lower the heat to medium and cook for approximately 60 minutes. To test if the chickpeas are cooked, place one chickpea between your thumb and index finger and apply a gently pressure, which should cause the chickpea to soften ("give") beneath your fingers.

Drain the aquafaba (the chickpea cooking liquid) and set aside for use. Squeeze the lemon to extract the juice and add the lemon juice and tahini to a food processor. Blend until the lemon and tahini mixture is whipped into a thick paste.

Then add the chickpeas, garlic, cumin, olive oil and aquafaba. Blend on high speed until smooth.