Jamaican Nutmeg

The Jamaican Nutmeg is one of the most prolific spices used across the West African Coast. Known also as African Nutmeg, African Orchid Nutmeg, and Calabash Nutmeg, the Jamaican Nutmeg has a nutmeg-like flavour, albeit, slightly spicier in taste.

In Nigeria the shelled seed of the fruit, known as 'Ehuru' is sold as a spice, this is more pungent than the whole fruit and tends to be used more with meat dishes though it can also be grated and substituted for nutmeg in sweet dishes.

Traditionally, Jamaican Nutmeg is ground and used as a seasoning, but it can also be grated, and makes a great addition to soups, stews, puddings and sweet dishes.

Jamaican Nutmeg Recipes: