Cocoyam (Taro Root)

Cocoyam also known as Taro root, is a nutritious root vegetable that is eaten across the African continent. Growing up to 6 feet tall, cocoyam (taro root)  is a large perennial plant with large heart-shaped leaves, and turnip-sized corms. Beneath the skin, the colour of its flesh varies from white to cream to yellow or purple, depending on the specie. One of its' distinct characteristics is its' water chestnut-like nutty flavour.


Cocoyam (taro root) goes by various names across Africa: Kenyans refer to it as arrow root, or by the Kikuyu word ndŭma. South Africans refer to Taro by the Zulu word Amadumbe or Madumbi. Egyptians refer to Taro as Qolqass, while Macabo is the popular name for Taro in the french-speaking part of Cameroon.

Cocoyams are very rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre, making them the perfect candidate for inclusion in a diabetic or heart-friendly diet.

Cocoyam (Taro Root) Recipes: