Welcome to a recap of the highlights of Week Two of my 30-Day African Vegan Challenge


african vegan challenge-week-two.

I am now officially in my 3rd week of the 30-day African vegan challenge, and boy! what a ride it has been. At the start of the challenge, I stocked up my vegan pantry, and I was rearing to go. Looking back at Week One of the challenge, which ended on a positive note, I figured I needed to make some minor tweaks to my diet.


The minor tweak? Protein!  I realised in week one that I had failed to include enough protein in my diet. I do a lot of strength training and it occurred to me that I had to get creative with my protein sources since I didn’t want to lose muscle mass. As a meat eater, it is easy to get your recommended daily requirement of protein from meat sources. As an example, 100g of chicken contains 30g of protein. That goes a long way to meeting ones’ daily required protein. After a bit of research on the traditional African diet, I decided to add more chickpeas aka garbanzo beans (which contain 19g of protein for every 100g of chickpeas) to my food rota this week.

My African Vegan Food Diary



Avocado & Fig Breakfast BruschettaI ate loads of this!





I made different variations of chickpea salad. But aside from chickpea salads, I also pigged out on lots of this beans and sweetcorn salad.



And this one too.. (yes chickpeas!)



To snack, I made hummus with beets (oh so yum! – are you seeing a chickpea theme here? 🙂).



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Meals at home were mostly fine – I prepped ahead and had things under control. But I struggled with eating out. This week, I had a lunch meeting which took place at a traditional restaurant. After approximately 15 minutes of poring through every page of the menu, I sadly concluded there was nothing suitable to eat. It is incredible how pervasive butter and diary products are in restaurant food! I ended up ordering a side plate of sliced avocado and tomato drizzled with olive oil. I left the restaurant still hungry and disgruntled, but with a new found respect for vegans.


Coming soon – Week three of my 30-day African Vegan Challenge!







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